A quick visit to Uganda

I haven’t had to worry about school holidays since my last college class. Admittedly, it’s one of the benefits of homeschooling. This is our family’s first year living with children committed to a school schedule. It seriously sucks the life out of travelling. So I have been looking forward to my sons’ first school holiday since before their classes even began. Mashujaa Day in Kenya. Roughly translated as Heroes Day, a national holiday to celebrate all those who fought for Kenya’s independence.  For us, it was a four day weekend and a chance to hit the road. Uganda, here we come.


It’s never fun to find the road is out while improvements are being made but we’ve become used to such things.

It was the three hour wait at the Ugandan border that tried our nerves on this trip. Don’t blame Uganda for this one. The trouble came from Kenya. One of the elite immigration personnel would not stamp us out of Kenya. Seriously? At least he assured my husband, “Don’t worry. You are not going to jail.” Thanks for that. Let me assure you, whatever bribe you are hoping that we will slip you, we won’t.


Oh, and that is my seven year old daughter who has fallen asleep on the floor while we wait on these shenanigans.



I have a friend who heard this story and remarked that we must have been so scared. I appreciate the concern but honestly the most shameful part of the situation is that we have lost most of our fear in these scenarios. They don’t happen every day, most Kenyan workers are honest and hardworking but there are still enough trouble makers that these events are tiresome, inappropriate, and a complete waste of time but scary, not usually.

The next morning it was time for my hubby to head out to work. He was meeting with Bible translation workers in Entebbe, Uganda. My children and I spent the morning at the guest house playing with puppies, jumping rope, reading in hammocks, climbing trees and water towers, and just enjoying the warm and sunny weather.



By afternoon we were ready to venture out into the capital of Kampala. I had one million Ugandan shillings in my wallet. That’s about $275.00 USD.


We headed up. Kampala is a city of hills. We saw a sign touting a restaurant with the “best view” in Kampala and we decided to see it for ourselves.



Sometimes, just sometimes, like when you just can’t walk another step, it’s good to have a big brother.



It was a great view. You could even see a snippet of Lake Victoria. Nice lunch too. With nothing on our agenda it was a great way to spend a few hours.


That night it was time to visit with friends from Marietta, Georgia. They work with Sixty Feet, a Christian mission working in Jesus’ name with imprisoned children. It is always good to see friends, but when you get to share some time together in this little corner of the world, it just feels all the more special.





That night, just as the sun set around 7, we looked up into a beautiful night sky and got quite a surprise. There were hundreds of bats flying overhead. They were clearly leaving their roost and heading out for the night. We watched them fly overhead for twenty minutes. Very cool, my photo doesn’t do the scene any justice.


God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day. – Genesis 1:5



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