Mt. Elgon, Kenya

In February we went with a group of friends to Mount Elgon National Park in Kenya. For many of the people going the big goal of the weekend was to attempt to climb to the peak of the mountain.  Having three younger children not ready for the climb gave me an easy out. My two oldest were ready for the adventure and went with trusted friends.


On an average day, you drive about two hours high up the mountain and then walk another three to the peak. The park requires that you hire a guide. There is a marked trail but it is relatively easy to become lost.


The views of the area are beautiful.


The flowers are amazing.

IMG_7430 IMG_7439 IMG_7373 IMG_7365

The group made it to the Kenyan summit and enjoyed themselves while resting a bit.

IMG_7487 IMG_7515

The big adventure came during the descent. A wild fire that had been burning on the side of the mountain as the climbers went up had flared up and changed directions some. The photo below shows flames on the path where the climbers were heading.


As in many cases of fire, the smoke became as much of a danger as the fire itself.



Finally they realized that they would have to cross a burning field. There was some debate about the best course of action. The group huddled up for prayer and then the guide crossed over calling the others to follow him.




IMG_7537 IMG_7536

IMG_7547 IMG_7560

The fire had come down the road that the cars had been parked on. The fire burned the grass under and around the cars. They had ashes on them but were not damaged.

IMG_7549 IMG_7556 IMG_7554

The views on the drive down had changed slightly just in the hours since the drive up.

IMG_7567 IMG_7570 IMG_7571 IMG_7580

Local residents had been driven in and were attempting to fight the fire by beating it back with tree limbs.

IMG_7583 IMG_7584


Very thankful to have our hikers back safely.


Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord you God is with you wherever you go.   — Joshua 1:9


3 thoughts on “Mt. Elgon, Kenya

  1. Very exciting experience & great photos. Johnny noted the “burning bush” & wondered if Moses was with them! No joke… the Lord WAS with them!!

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