Our 2nd Fall Festival

What do you do with a group of children who are creative, highly energetic, have giving hearts full of God’s love, and are missing some of their home traditions?

You give them lots of newspaper, several cans of spray paint, a ton of balloons, and full creative license.

Then you get yourself a fall festival.



You have “Go Fish”,


ping-pong ball toss,


pop-the-balloon-with a spear throw,


bean bag toss,


and the opportunity to teach Kenyan children how to bob for apples.


Then when you see the cast on the move, you know that it must be time for the Bible house tour. Paul’s life and travels were the theme of the story.


We had the stoning of Stephen.


Paul’s baptism (after his blinding by an angel),


a view of Paul’s jail cell,


and a rather unusual boat ride doomed to crash,


the crash special effects team was lying in wait with water and sound effects.


Just a few more photos of some of our guests.


Thank you to our neighbors who let us love on them in such a fun way. Thank you to those who helped with all the details. Thank you to my children and their friends who inspire me everyday.

While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night shall not cease.   – Genesis 8:22


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