Miss Orene’s Academy



OK. I am way behind the curve on this one. I feel as if I missed the entire Facebook first day of school photo competition a few weeks back. I am happy to report that school has begun at Miss Orene’s Academy. (Named for my paternal grandmother, Orene Pierce MacPherson, a professional educator, and because all the fancy schools call themselves ‘academy’ something or another). This year all my students have a grade number and we’ve got one in middle school and one in high school.


We were homeschoolers in the states and we have continued here in Kenya. Math is still math and reading is still reading.


The extracurriculars have changed as well as the destinations of the field trips.


Sports teams have become pick up games of basketball and ultimate frisbee with the neighbors and the locals. Dance classes have become my eldest daughter organizing her sisters and neighbors into a dance group that she choreographs and leads.


Field trips are at local mission hospitals and children’s homes. State parks and zoos have become safaris and monkey watching from the homes that we stay in during our weekends away.


Our state-side 100 plus student history and art program has become about a dozen children meeting in my home once a week to share in music and a random assortment of learning opportunities.



It’s not easy but we try to make it fun. It can be lonely so we share when we can. I am proud of my children. They are doing well and learning much.



How much better to get wisdom than gold! To get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver. Proverbs 16:16





4 thoughts on “Miss Orene’s Academy

  1. The only difference I see from my kids is that one of the boys is “slightly” naked working on his math but heh… clothing optional works for me! Nice job mom!

  2. Love having a peek into the classrooms! Not that different from, Ginger Ct. or Basil Ct., just a broader range in grades now. Thanks for sharing another aspect of life in Eldoret. Love and miss you ALL! Ginny (Grams)

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