Our time in Ethiopia…part 4…a joyful reunion

Our family’s two youngest daughters are adopted from Ethiopia.  They are biological siblings and they came home with us in February 2009.  I have always firmly believed that they had excellent care while they were living through the adoption process in Ethiopia.  Holt International is the agency that we worked with and the staff was wonderful from the beginning.

In 2009 the offices and the children’s care center were located in the same large house.  Now they are separate facilities.  This is the sign outside of the current office.


The office staff welcomed us and asked us a few questions about when the girls were adopted.  They were trying to remember the girls.  It had been almost five years since the girls had been in the adoption care center.  A few of the staff members were new and others were working there five years ago.  It only took a few minutes before one of the staff members began to realize who they were, she cried out in astonishment, and tears swelled up in her eyes.  Then she just could not stop hugging the girls.  I was overwhelmed.


That’s when they brought out the framed poster of our girls.  Yep, when the girls were in care a photograph was taken of them together that is just too cute.  Everybody says so, not just me.  It had been blown up to poster size and was still hanging in a frame on the office wall.




As if that wasn’t enough, one of the office workers still employed there had taken a special liking to our girls while they were in care.  It was a sweet relationship at the time but I had always assumed that when my girls moved onto their new lives that the worker had moved on to her next special liking of a different child.  Not quite.  We walked over to her desk and there was still a snapshot she had taken of my girls for her to look at everyday.  She has been thinking of them, wondering about them, and praying for them ever since they came home with us.



Wow.  I could barely control the tears.  Thank you to all those who loved on, cared for, and prayed for our girls all along their journey.  Thank you to those who still do.

We did decide to drive by the building that housed the care center and offices when we were there in 2009.  The building on the right was the care center then and the building on the left was the hotel that we stayed in.  They now both house the Chinese Embassy’s staff.



I remember every moment of first walking out of the gate and bringing them just next door to the hotel.  A few days later we had all our family together in the USA.  It’s been such an amazing journey.

We know that in all things God works for good with those who love him, those whom he has called according to his purpose.                -Romans 8:28


2 thoughts on “Our time in Ethiopia…part 4…a joyful reunion

  1. Precious girls! This must have blessed both of them very much to be able to see how they were loved from the time they were so very little. God did an incredible thing for them! Hugs!

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