Our time in Ethiopia…part 2…brief highlights

What did we do in Ethiopia, you may ask?  (Especially if you are a grandmother of our children.)

One day we ate lunch at the Island Breeze.


We swung by the Mercato for a little window shopping.  (The claim is that it is the largest market on the African continent.)


We ate out one night at a restaurant featuring traditional music and dance.



We had a few late night snacks at Kaldi’s Café.  (Ethiopia’s answer to Starbucks.)


We drove two hours through magnificent countryside to Debre Libanos.  Originally founded in 1284 and instrumental in the spread of Christianity through Ethiopia.  The current church is a modern one built in the 1950’s.  There is a museum next door that we also toured.  All the reading on the history of Ethiopia that we had done before our visit helped engage the kids with what they were seeing.



Nearby is Darge’s Bridge (also known as The Portuguese Bridge.)  Just a little over two hundred years old and originally used as a short cut to Addis Ababa.  (Imagine those roads.)  It’s built with the traditional sealant of limestone and crushed ostrich shell.




On the day that we were there a local man was happy to show off his nerve by jumping off a cliff into the water.


My kids were inspired to try a less high jump.



The water they were playing in continues over several waterfalls before entering the Jemma and then emptying into the Nile River.  As homeschoolers we are never far from discussing geography.


We made a visit to the National Museum to see Lucy.


My youngest is grumpy is the first picture with Lucy but thrilled in the second.  She loves to be the star of the show.


As is so often the case, it’s not what you know but who you know.  We stopped by the 5 star Sheraton to visit some new friends.  The grounds can give Disney a run for their money.


The ice cream was great on a warm January afternoon.



The kids got to take a dip in the pool while the adults did some pool side lounging.  Yes, this is Ethiopia.




There’s still more to come…


2 thoughts on “Our time in Ethiopia…part 2…brief highlights

  1. “WOW!” Does that ring a bell, Lynn? I let out an audible sigh after the last photo. Guess I was holding my breath as I scrolled down the page and followed as you described so well w/ words & photos your experiences during your “deportation”. We can’t wait to see more. Grandma never tires of seeing you! Love & prayers to all

  2. It’s always good to read your blogs and see what you are all doing. Hug the girls for me! I sure miss them! IN His Love, Glenda

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