Home sweet home

It seems that friends who ask questions about my time in Kenya are most interested in my daily life.  I feel odd trying to explain what is truly a common place existence in perhaps, not so common place circumstances.  So I thought it would be easiest to begin with the house I call home at this time.

I imagine it helps that I have moved seven times in the last seventeen years.  That is not as often as many of my friends but it is often enough to help me to have learned to look for the good in all living circumstances.  It is important for me to look for the good here because the good is often difficult to see.

IMG_6778IMG_6788 IMG_6782

First off, we live behind pad locked bars and nine foot walls topped with electrical wiring.  It’s a sad fact of life here.  We have on premise security 24/7/365.  Life in these parts includes the security company’s phone number programmed into your cell phone, panic buttons, and packed emergency kits with cash and clothes ready to go when you have to leave in a moment’s notice.

Next there are the amusing oddities in the construction of our home.  I choose to find them amusing rather than overly frustrating in part because of one of the local real estate marketing phrases that I have become aware of:  “American style housing“.  Oh my.  I’ve never seen anything quite like this in America.

IMG_6773   A kitchen sink slightly larger and a few inches deeper than my dinner plates.

IMG_6759   Can you figure this out?  Neither can I.  It’s one of the two en suite ‘full’ baths where you can sit on the toilet and take a shower at the same time.  The sink is also near by if you need to lean over and brush your teeth.  (Relax, we don’t use these showers.  Too much wasted toilet paper.)

IMG_6761   Every lighting fixture in the house consists of one bare bulb hanging from the center of the ceiling of every room.

IMG_6775  Yes, that is a fireplace.  It’s right in the center of our family room where it should be.  We keep a storage container in it filled with videos and remote controls.  Apparantly there is some science involved in building a fireplace.  It involves draft and air flow and stuff like that.  The science has not reached the builders who constructed this.  If you build a fire in it, the house fills immediately with smoke.  We just don’t use ours.  Once a bird fell out of it.  Yep, the chimney is a straight shot to the sky.  After chasing that bird out, we found feathers for days.

IMG_6791   There is not an evenly spaced stair in our humble abode.   The last one is a doozey as you stumble down the stairs early in the morning.

IMG_6770  And forget about finding a right angle anywhere in this house…you can’t.

IMG_6776  Power outages are frequent enough that battery operated wall clocks are the norm.

IMG_6789  Of course nothing says hygiene like a sink in the eating area.

IMG_6803  While I have not noticed an unusually large percentage of giants living in Kenya, my kitchen cabinets are built at a height necessitating the use of a step ladder to access them.

IMG_6757   I suppose it is a given that we all sleep under bug nets.

After all that, CHECK THIS OUT!

IMG_6831   Yes, it’s the front gate to our compound.  Now look closely.

IMG_6832   Yes, that’s right.  A front gate to our little corner of heaven COVERED in fleur de lis.  I still can’t quite believe it.  After falling in love with New Orleans, nothing says home to my heart like a fleur de lis.  I suppose God was sending a chuckle my way.  It worked.  Laissez les bons temps rouler, baby.

I have never been so appreciative of a place to call home before.  I have never felt so confident in God’s provision.  I have never slept as securely knowing that I am a beloved child of God.

Now that you know where we are, come on over for a visit.

God’s people will be free from worries, and their homes peaceful and safe.   – Psalms 32:18


5 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. Lynn, Lynn, Lynn!!! Your photos, captions, & narrative led me from a smile to a few chuckles, then outbursts of laughter…only to be wrapped up with a couple of tears of sweet gratitude to God for giving you the insight and sense of humor it takes to serve Him where ever He has led you! Love you!!

  2. I thought y’all were living in a tent or something, that looks nice!! Caroline is immensely interested in visiting, as am I, as we are (part time) missionaries, full time God’s servants. How far from Nairobi are you? Don’t worry, we won’t camp at your home, but would love to visit!!

  3. Loved “walking” through your home. Thanks for sharing. Putting our Christmas card in the mail today. Love on all the cousins for us. We’re preparing for an ice storm tonight-everyone’s a flutter!

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