Thank you Espy family.

IMG_6572      Ashleigh and Paul.  You welcomed us into your home, you fed us, entertained us, cared for our children, and enlightened us on life in Kenya.  We laughed together and I almost cried.  You made us sweet peach iced tea.

IMG_6811     You insisted that I take your copy of Rift Valley Recipes and assured me that not only could you obtain another copy but that with high-altitude cooking and Kenyan substitutions for American ingredients, I would NEED a copy.  Then you managed to send us, via a Tenwek Hospital ex-pat patient returning to Eldoret, an American style pumpkin that you scored in Nairobi.

After all that, and a day spent in the kitchen with my five assistants, we are well on to our way to celebrating our first Thanksgiving in Kenya.  Homemade pumpkin pie.  Chalk that up to living in Kenya.  I thought they came from the frozen foods section.  Thank you Espy family.  We count you among our friends that we are thankful for.  Happy Thanksgiving.


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