Three months down















Here I go…finally.  My family and I arrived in Kenya three months ago today. It has been a busy time filled with new experiences, new friends, and an abundance of God’s mercies. I have been on my first safari, watched my oldest son get a CAT scan (he’s fine now), welcomed a bevy of animals into our home, taught my children that they will not die from hand washing dishes or hanging laundry to dry, become accustomed to sharing the road with livestock (whether I’m on foot or in a vehicle), unpacked a household goods shipment packed in haste, ridden on a carnival ride (and watched my children do the same) that should most likely have been retired about a decade ago, baked my first homemade birthday cake since my first son (now a teenager) turned one, watched my son’s assist in a pig round up, met the chickens that I eat, adjusted to driving in Africa (not for the faint hearted), furnished our new home, learned a tiny bit of Kiswahili, helped to start a co-op for homeschoolers, become a regular visitor at a local children’s home, learned that when a Kenyan tells you, “no problem,” that you should hold onto your hat and prepare for more problems than you can even begin to imagine, and gradually accepted the fact that in Kenya it’s the black girls that get the store shelves full of hair care products.

I feel so fortunate. Everyone’s health is good. The weather is lovely. The people are welcoming.   I am thankful.

At God’s command amazing things happen, wonderful things that we can’t understand. – Job 37:5


4 thoughts on “Three months down

  1. Drew, Lynn, Daniel, Ryan, Anna, Whitney, and Elizabeth!!!,

    My words, thoughts, love, admiration, and Awe remain the same as I hugged you and watched you drive up our driveway. Another tear of Thankfulness and Gratitude fill my eyes as I hear from you and BELIEVE ME that Hannahbrooke and I think about you and your family daily. It is so wonderful to see pictures and hear what’s going on in your God Given Life full of Adventure, Meaning and Direction:) Hannahbrooke asked yesterday on our way to school, “Mommie, I wonder how many people have asked Jesus in their hearts, and we will meet in Heaven because Anna and their family are over there?” I said, ” I don’t know, but it will be exciting to see and meet them! And then we won’t have to say goodbye to Anna and any of them either:) We will all be together forever.” (Thanks to Jesus.)

    Much love, hugs, thoughts, prayers, dreams, smiles, laughter, future times and happiness sent to EACH of you – our dear family – all the time !!!

    In His Joy & Love,
    Melissa and Hannahbrooke

  2. Whew!! Glad you finally had time to write! We enjoy hearing about y’all (miss hearing that?). Please encourage the kids to write, too.

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